Elect Mike Yen for Ward 20 Toronto City Council


Dear neighbours, 

As your councillor for Ward 20 (Map), I will dedicate myself to serving our community on the principles of sustainability, openness, and cooperation. 

Our community is growing and to sustain that growth, I will push for the necessary services and infrastructure. We need to protect our identity, culture and heritage. I will combine my keen awareness of Toronto’s multicultural character with my support for local small businesses, to protect and promote the neighbourhoods that give our communities their unique appeal. We need a voice in council who will work in the spirit of cooperation with the rest of our city to realize our shared goals and shared opportunities. With your support, I will be that voice. 

People come to Toronto for the promise of the opportunities of a world class city. Together, we can fulfill that promise.

Over the coming weeks I will be travelling our ward and listening to what you have to say. I ask for your support on October 27, 2014 so that we can build a stronger community together. 




Mike Yen